Girl Talk

Back in 1998 Madonna found her Ray of Light, Air went on a Moon Safari, and Massive Attack does whatever one does in a Mezzanine. I was a publicist for a videogame company called Purple Moon, whose hook was that it made videogames for girls ages 8 – 14.

The company was founded and run by women, and their game development was based on tons of research on how girls played games. And that research showed young girls were really into narrative, relationships, collaboration and non-violence.

Sounds good.

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Screen Play

I saw Faith No More in concert back in the early 90s (I know — brag). It was in support of The Real Thing (the one with “Epic“)(Though I was more of an Angel Dust guy).

Anyhoo, during the show, lead singer Mike Patton would ask the audience “Are you being good? ‘Cuz when you’re good, you get stuff.”

It was a schtick I’m sure he did every night because if you were good, the stuff you got was an encore. But it was a line that stuck with me and actually I used as a parent. Sure, it’s simplistic, but it’s also super practical advice for a young person because it’s true. When you’re good, you do get stuff.

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