Ready Player Old.

We get it. You’re old(ish) and you like videogames. But finding out about new games, or how to get better at the games you play can feel like a complicated, incomprehensible mess that isn’t fun.

That’s why we created 40 Bit. It’s a free newsletter about videogames, written specifically for the older set. People with many responsibilities and not much time. People, not coincidentally, like us.

Who knows what this will become, but for now, we are starting off small to see who else is out there like us.

Check out the latest issue and see if it’s for you.

We’re here to help.

It’s okay to not know everything. Videogames are way more complicated than Yar’s Revenge on the 2600. Besides, you have a lot of other stuff on your mind. Let us help.

Each week, you’ll receive a curated list of the best stories and information that help you have more fun when you play videogames. That’s it. No other junk to boost SEO, nothing you feel like you have to keep up with or garbled terms and acronyms you don’t need to understand.

Console, PC and mobile, we’ll cover it all in a way that is simple, clear and a quick, fun read.

What is 40 Bit?

40 Bit gaming is the work of veteran journalists with decades of experience writing about games and technology. We are expert at taking complicated ideas and squeezing the simple out of them so you are engaged and entertained.

We’re excited to launch and see what happens. We hope you’ll join us. Sign up for 40 Bit today. It’s free and with just one issue a week, it won’t jam up your inbox.

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