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Humong us

One of the things I miss about pre-pandemic life (you know, the before fore times), is game night. Breaking out Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan (my game choices aren’t exactly deep cuts), sitting around the table with friends, forging alliances, and strategically stabbing them in the back. Misty watercolor memories… IfContinue reading “Humong us”

G.I. No

Nostalgia is a tricky thing. A properly placed pop culture reference from the past can serve as a kind of Shibboleth. Like Darmok at Tanagra, people who get it, get it. And that’s great! But too many references, too much nostalgia, and you run the risk of being stuck, of being an OK boomer whoContinue reading “G.I. No”

Born to Kessel Run

Early on in our relationship, I took my wife to a Star Wars Celebration convention (I know, right? I’m a smooth operator). Anyway, she had never been to such a thing and I wasn’t sure what she would think. But as she wandered around the cosplaying Jedis and homemade droids she got happy tears, asContinue reading “Born to Kessel Run”


Look. There was a lot of videogame news this week. Again. So we have a lot to cover. But first, a story. My first job out of college was at a technology PR firm. I hated it. I was basically a telemarketer. But! I am forever grateful for it because one of my first clientsContinue reading “Bethes-damn!”


If this issue of 40 Bit had a soundtrack, it would be The Chemical Brothers’ “Where Do I Begin” (and if this were the early 2000s, it would be some kind of mashup like “Where Do I Begin the Beguine“). I mean, that song pick is kinda obvious because — yikes! — there was aContinue reading “PLAYSTATIONTOSTATION”

Let’s Talk About X, Baby

OK. Let’s dispense with the 80s nostalgia soft open and dive right in, shall we, because there’s a bunch of X-y stuff to talk about. Microsoft released the Kraken skinny on it’s next-gen consoles this week. So what did we learn?

I’m such a sucker: I bought an older GPU to replace a newer one

This post originally appeared on the personal blog of world-famous reporter, Kevin C. Tofel. It is re-printed here with his permission, because he is a good, generous, dude. A few weeks back, I explained how my $900 gaming PC quickly became a $1,200 gaming PC. Would you believe we’re up to $1,500 now? Yeah, I’mContinue reading “I’m such a sucker: I bought an older GPU to replace a newer one”

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