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I’ve been a writer by trade for decades. Journalism. Screenplays. Comic books. Marketing copy. I’ve written just about everything, struggling and straining to come up with the exact sequence of words that will, uhhh… do… something, something.

Anyway, I bring it up because even though I am familiar with the intense pain videogame writers go through when crafting intricately plotted narratives — I will not hesitate to skip a cut scene. As soon as the action stops and some high priestess starts in on a backstory about an alien spaceship crashing millennia ago, I hammer away at the circle button like I’m working morse code on a sinking ship. Get me outta there.

Sure. This bit of churlish impatience probably makes me a horrible person. A hypocrite writer of the highest order.

OK. I can live with that if it gets me back into the game quickly.

It’s not a judgment on the quality of the animation or writing. Hemmingway could write a videogame cut scene I would still skip it. (Though, if I think about it, Hemmingway’s cut scenes would only be like a dozen, muscular words, so… maybe I’d watch it(?))

I’ve been playing Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and as much fun as I’m having blasting baddies with friends, I do not care about the story. At this point, it’s so overly complicated with the Fallen and the Vex and the Scorn and the Cabal and the engrams and the glimmer…

{waves hands dismissively like an old man} Bah. Who needs it?

Just give me the loot and point me to the next mission. Let’s not make a big thing out of it.

To be fair, it’s not every cut scene in every game. The cut scenes in Spider-Man were actually interesting and helped move the story along (though Peter Parker looked like he had hair plugs). But as an old, I don’t have a ton of time to play games. So I just want to maximize the amount of time I’m actually playing.

Perhaps I’m being unkind. I’m an uncultured brute who lacks the sophistication to appreciate the sweeping epic meticulously laid out before me. Ehhh. I’m not too worried about it, because as someone who has written copy for decades, I know most readers won’t make it this far in a newsletter. 🙂

Image via Bungie

One! Step! Beyond!

Despite my previous grousing, I have been playing Destiny 2: Beyond Light non-stop (well, as non-stop as my middle age can handle) since it came out a couple weeks back.

Long story short: It’s Easy Like Sunday Morning.

I mean that in a good way. I dropped off Destiny more than a year ago, but the Beyond Light expansion brought me back in. And even though I’ve been out of the game for a bit, it felt really good — and easy — picking it back up.

Yes, the option paralysis and overly complicated jibberish issues are still there. Destiny’s Focus Umbral Engrams with the Prismatic Recaster to choose your rewardsproblem.

But once you power through that (and, you know, skip the cut scenes), the game is just such a joy to play. The controls are intuitive. The weaponry is diverse. The animation and art are a vision to behold. And the new ice powers mix things up nicely (ice shuriken FTW!).

Beyond Light should definitely go on your holiday wishlist. Or. You’re an adult. Just buy it. It’s easy.

Image via Universal Studios Japan

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