When Apple Arcade debuted back in… when was it? Time, of course, has lost all meaning (I’m in a time zone. I’m in a time zone.).

Regardless, when it launched it felt like quite a steal. Five bucks a month for unlimited play of a library of games with no in-app purchases and no ads.

Fantastic! In theory, anyway.

I’ve kept my subscription all year hoping that the games would get compelling, but they just… haven’t. That was reinforced this week when I tried out The Pathless. The Zelda-lite game is beautiful and the action flows nicely, but after about twenty minutes, I stopped playing. But I think that says more about mobile games than it does about The Pathless specifically.

Part of the issue with mobile games, action mobile games in particular, is the controls. Keeping both thumbs on the screen to control movement and the camera takes up too much real estate so you’re not really experiencing the whole game.

But the biggest issue is probably that my needs around mobile games have changed because of this pandemic. Back when we’d actually go out to eat at a restaurant or take a road trip or fly somewhere, I could hand my son the phone to keep him occupied so my wife and I could chat as adults do (I feel your parental condescension, but only God can juge me).

Since I don’t really leave the house, there’s also no need to race through a few levels of Dots on a train commute to work or in between meetings. And if I’m going to play a game while sitting on my couch, I may as well just fire up the PS 4.

But! I don’t want to be a downer. Maybe I’ve just gone down the wrong, errr, paths with mobile games. And maybe once this pandemic is over and I’m out in the world again, I’ll get more out of them (and my Quibi subscription).

Family Ties (Sha-la-la-la)

Thanksgiving is, of course, next week. And if you’re following the CDC’s advice, that means you aren’t going anywhere.

While that may come as a welcome reprieve for you (we won’t tell), may I humbly suggest that one way you can safely connect with far off family this year is through games. Sure, your mom or dad probably don’t have a console, but chances are good that you have a cousin or two who do.

And if you need a platform that allows you to chat between the Xbox side of the family and the PlayStation side, feel free to hop on the 40 Bit Discord server. It’s free, already set up, and you can do private text and audio chats so the whole channel isn’t listening in on your embarrassing family anecdotes (like that time I walked in on the pastor’s wife in the show-errr, never mind)(that is a true story though)(but not the start of some lurid Penthouse letter).

I’m just saying it’s there if you want to use it. Just drop me a line and I’ll send you the invite.

That Movie That Starred Robert Redford and Sidney Poitier

Last week we told you about the Spider-Man Miles Morales + Adidas sneaker collab (as the kids say).

Given that we know a few 40 Bitters are sneakerheads we thought we should mention that Nintento has a new collab (the more I say that word, the younger I sound, right?) with Puma (not warthog).

Most of them are Mario inspired (some even come with a dangly Mario ornament). And despite my prodigious use of the word “collab,” I feel like I can’t pull them off. But maybe you can! Seriously. You’d look great in them.

And Now, an Age-Appropriate GIF

Image via ShopBeerGear

More Headlines

Bud Light put a PC and a projector inside a six-pack, for charity – Current bid is $7,000.

A Poop-Based Game Released In Japan To Save Lives – Imagine that sneaker collab.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have been super hard to find. That may be on purpose – It all about the (razor thin) margins.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!

Stay cool. Have a great summer. Class of ’90 rulez.

-Chris at 40 Bit

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