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One of the things I miss about pre-pandemic life (you know, the before fore times), is game night.

Breaking out Carcassonne or Ticket to Ride or Settlers of Catan (my game choices aren’t exactly deep cuts), sitting around the table with friends, forging alliances, and strategically stabbing them in the back.

Misty watercolor memories…

If you miss those pinot greezh and IPA-fueled nights, then you might want to check out Among Us on iOS and Android.

Though it came out a couple years back, Among Us has found new life in 2020, and was downloaded roughly 84 million times last month. You may have heard U.S. Representative AOC herself livestreamed Among Us on Twitch this week to help turn out the vote (ed. note: PLEASE VOTE), attracting more than 430,000 viewers.


Among Us is one of those One Night Werewolf type games. In this case, you’re aboard a spaceship and you and your Crewmates try to deduce who is the “Imposter” in the group.

If you’re part of the crew, you run around the ship completing tasks while keeping your eyes peeled because the Imposter is committing sabotage (or as Shatner says, sabotazh) and, oh yeah, also murdering crewmates.

Crewmates can call emergency meetings where everyone discusses via text chat who they think the Imposter is, and cast their votes accordingly. Guess right, and the Imposter is vented out the airlock. Guess wrong and… well, I’m not sure.

I played a bunch of public games this week, and every other player seemed like they were already experts. I barely made it through my first task dumping the space trash when someone called a meeting and people correctly sussed out the Imposter.

Where I think Among Us could be more fun is in private matches. You can host games locally on your WiFi network with people in person (socially distant) or online and invite your friends from far away to play.

Though I’m still getting the hang of it, what I like about Among Us is that it’s a nice break from so many other games. It’s not a first-person shooter, you don’t have to match three gems in a row, and it’s only $1.99 to pay for the ad-free version (worth it!).

Game night might not be back for a while, but for now, Among Us will be among the ways I try to connect and play with friends online.

Before stabbing them in the back.

Image via Atari

More Headlines

Atari announces new Mini Pong Jr. gaming device – No official launch date and no word on pricing. Have we really reached Pong-levels of boredom during this pandemic?

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’s multiplayer is expensive and chaotic – Look. I haven’t played it, but don not get this game. You’ll play it for a bit, and then the hunk of plastic car will be relegated to same discard pile as your Labo and Disney Infinity.

Minecraft Java will soon require a Microsoft account – Just a warning that this switch will be mandatory, and if you have little kids playing Minecraft on a PC, they will demand tech support.

PS5 will support Netflix and Disney Plus at launch, here’s what else – Also Apple TV, so you can watch your Ted Lasso and YouTube so you can watch Ted Talks and Spotify, so you can listen to Ted Leo.

That’s it for this week. Thank you for reading!

Stay cool. Have a great summer. Class of ’90 rulez.

-Chris at 40 Bit

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