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You may have come across this during your day-to-day Internetting.

If you’re over 40, this game is a must!

This urgent message is usually accompanied by an image of one (or more) scantily clad women brandishing some sort of medieval or paleolithic weapon.

There’s another one if you’re over 50, though it uses the exact same graphics, thus painting all us olds with the same graying brush.

Historically accurate.

These ads kept popping up on the games sites I visited over the past month when collecting stories for this newsletter. Perhaps you’ve seen them in that weird “we recommend” section of a webpage. And while sponsored content is Pretty F*cking Awesome, for sure, I’d never actually click the ad because a.) gross, and 2.) who knows what kind of malware or whatever awaited me on the other side.

Thankfully, Rock Paper Shotgun did the work (back in 2017!) so I don’t have to. What they came back with was pretty much what you’d expect. Though the article is a few years old, I imagine not much has changed. From that story:

You build a township on a map filled with pre-designated lots, level up your buildings, amass an army, and join with players to form clans and fight against other players. These games have no end and no ultimate win state – you can keep increasing in power forever, and you’ll need to if you want the rewards of defeating other players in battles or climbing the leaderboards.

Of course, the game is happy to take your real money along the way to help you level up ad infinitum.

I don’t really have any deep insight about the game or the ad. It’s dumb, but no moreso than punch-the-monkey. Well, actually, with the sexist imagery, yeah, it is more dumber.

But this is a newsletter for people over 40, so the topic seemed relevant, and something you must read about.

Photo by Ajeet Mestry on Unsplash

Is it weird for people over 40 to still play video games?

That’s an actual question posted on Quora. Short answer: No. Of course not. Follow your arrow, and all that.

Longer answer. The Entertainment Software Association released its annual 2020 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry this week. And lookie what we have here:

The average age of a gamer is 35-44 years old

I don’t wanna brag, but this newsletter nailed it. I AM A GOLDEN GOD.

Aside from temporarily feeling like a genius, you, dear reader, should take heart. You aren’t alone! The whole point of this newsletter and eventually (hopefully) a community, is to connect with one another so you can relax and not feel weird about playing videogames.

And from the looks of it, relaxing and connecting are two things gamers our age want to do.

Just want you want in a videogames newsletter. Statistics!
You still need to blow on the cartridge sometimes.

Lego N-E-Yes Please

Alright. Enough with the old person talk! We get it.

Let’s talk about this crazyballs new Lego set that re-creates the original Nintendo, complete with console, controller, cartridge and TV screen which scrolls through a Lego Mario game.


As you can see from the picture, it’s a damn near spot-on recreation of the NES. The set has 2646 pieces, will be released on August 1 and costs $229.


40 Bit has T-shirts now via Threadless.

To avoid option paralysis, I’ve narrowed down the options. All the shirts are the same Extra Soft style. There are men’s and women’s sizes available in a variety colors.

Here’s the deal. I know you don’t need another T-shirt, but if you buy one ($20), I’ll donate the money I get from the sale ($4) to World Central Kitchen. Buy a T, show your videogame bona fides, and help feed people in need. It’s a triple win!

Of course it needs three fans to cool off.

Newsy Bits

The PlayStation 5 will reportedly weigh more than ten pounds. Since gyms won’t be re-opening anytime soon, you can use it for overhead squats.

How Xbox and PlayStation Plan to Duke It Out This Fall, and get all your money in the process.

DeDestiny 2: Beyond Light expansion delayed to November. Now you have more time to stock up on engrams.

Superman/Witcher, Henry Cavill, built a PC from scratch, complete with bicep-baring video. In case you wanted to feel even worse about yourself. (Start doing overhead squats!)

That’s it for this week. As always, shoot me an email with any questions, comments, concerns.

You’re doing great.

-Team 40 Bit

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