There’s been a lot of jibber-jabber about non-fungible tokens, or “NFTs” as the cool kids say lately.

Musician Grimes made $5.8 million selling her digital art as NFTs (“NFT” will also presumably be the name of her next child). Rock band Kings of Leon could use somebody to buy its new album, which is being released as a digital NFT along with digital goodies like ticket experiences. And NBA Top Shot, a business built on blockchain-based highlight reels that launched in 2019, has already generated $230 million in sales of its NFTs.

That’s a lot of cheddar for things that don’t actually exist in the real world. But it’s good for you to know about NFTs as they could upend the way we experience videogames.

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I’ve been thinking about LAN parties lately.

You all should be old enough to remember these. You bring a bunch of computers over to someone’s house. Connect them all together and play videogames with/against your friends.

Alcohol was typically involved.

Anyway. I’ve been thinking a lot about LAN Parties because I miss that friendly competition (I also miss hanging out with people in person, but that’s a whole other thing).

When my friends and I form a squad online play Gambit in Destiny 2 or some other PvP game now, it’s like a bunch of lambs with knee and back pains being led to the slaughter at the hands of rando 13 year olds.

It’s not fun. I mean, it’s fun hanging out with my friends, but it’s less fun being annihilated over and over like Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow.

So why do I bring this up? Because I need your help, 40 Bitters. I have a nutty idea that I want to run past you, and I can’t do it alone:

I want to create a softball/beer league, but for videogamers like you and me.

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Synth Stab

Look. I’m gonna level with you. The whole reason for this section of the newsletter is so I can type out loud:


And then have imaginary synths jump in as we all think about (and dance to(?)) the theme song to the very not-great 90s feature film Mortal Kombat, which, I actually saw in theaters. You know, the Mortal Kombat where French guy Christopher Lambert plays a character based on a Japanese thunder god. (It was a different time, the 90s)

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