X’d Out

Two months after they launched, next-gen consoles are still almost impossible to get. Unless you are a ‘bot or some sentient script code, your middle-aged fingers can not click fast enough to get either an Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 today.

Or yesterday, when I actually tried to procure one. News hit that Walmart would have both consoles in stock at noon Pacific. Right at noon I went to the site, which… promptly crashed. At 12:00:15, I refreshed the screen and got a message saying they were out of stock and to try again at 12:10.

At 12:10:05 I went back and got another brief crash and another out of stock message. At which point, I threw in the towel. And then threw away any notion of getting an Xbox anytime soon.

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Girl Talk

Back in 1998 Madonna found her Ray of Light, Air went on a Moon Safari, and Massive Attack does whatever one does in a Mezzanine. I was a publicist for a videogame company called Purple Moon, whose hook was that it made videogames for girls ages 8 – 14.

The company was founded and run by women, and their game development was based on tons of research on how girls played games. And that research showed young girls were really into narrative, relationships, collaboration and non-violence.

Sounds good.

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